Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wearied and Faint in Your Minds

From my tea time with God...
I feel tired. Weary. 

I know who I am. In Christ I am strong. I have power. 

But my flesh is faint.

The words come to my mind: "wearied and faint..." What was the next part? " your minds."

My mind is part of my flesh, my body that has not yet been redeemed. It does not agree with my [redeemed] spirit unless I choose to align my it with the Truth that resides in my spirit. 

"...lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds."

What am I to do in order not to become weary and faint in my mind?

I go back to the beginning of the verse: "For consider HIM..." Jesus.

For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. Hebrews 12:3

He was sinless, perfect. Never had He known pain or worry. Yet he choose to endure it for our sake--the sinners. 

Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin. Hebrews 12:4

I sing a song in church at times, but I can hardly sing it without tears:

Compared to Calvary my cross is not so heavy,
Compared to Calvary my load's not hard to bear;
And it makes me ashamed that I ever complained,
I've had it easy, Lord, compared to Calvary!
Squire Parsons

His Word tells us to "consider Him" so that we don't REMAIN emotionally weary and faint. 

We live in this body of flesh; we WILL become weary and faint. That's a given. 

But what will we do when we get there? Wallow in it? Or consider Him?

Knowing Him more intimately is the greatest remedy for weariness there is!

Lord, I want to know You more,
Deep within my soul I want to know You;
O I want to know You!
To feel Your heart and know Your mind,
Looking in Your eyes stirs up within me,
Cries that say I want to know You!
O I want to know You more!
Steve Fry

Raising Homemakers

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