Friday, January 18, 2013

The Light of Men

This morning I am meditating on John 1:4... "In him was life; and the life was the light of men."
There is no light outside Christ. Could this mean that He gives some light (intellect, discernment, positive character traits) to unbelievers as well, to draw them unto Himself? When I see Christ's drawing out {his} soul to the hungry (Isaiah 58:10), how can I shut up my bowels of compassion (I John 3:17)--or be indifferent to those suffering around me? Hungry in spirit and soul, not just physically hungry. People all around me are hungry for the Truth, only found in God. If I simply lift HIM up, HE will draw all men to Himself (John 12:32)--living the Light! 

But I dare not focus on results. God works in mysterious ways, behind the scenes, when no one can see He is actually working. He is always working, and my job is to yield to HIS work through me, following His lead. Only then will I truly live in the light He so freely gives--the light of the glorious Gospel (II Corinthians 4:4)--the Light of the World (John 8:12; Matthew 5:14)--the Lamp that is a light unto my path (Psalm 119:105)--THE WORD--Jesus (John 1:1)! He was made flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14)! So amazing that a King would reach down to slaves! And we WERE slaves, but NO MORE (Galatians 4:7)! Yet too often we believers live in the mentality of that slavery, because we forget that He is the ONLY LIGHT there is. 

Lord, remind me to take the candle You have lit and go light YOUR world!

John 1:4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
Isaiah 58:10 And [if] thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness [be] as the noonday:
I John 3:17 But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels [of compassion] from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?
John 12:32 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all [men] unto me.
II Corinthians 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.
Matthew 5:14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.
John 8:12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.
Psalm 119:105 Thy word [is] a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.
Galatians 4:7 Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.
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