Friday, May 25, 2012

Be Still

If I pause to listen, I will hear it. If I pause to notice, I will see it.

Sunlight on grass and leaves
Birds singing
Morning breeze
Varieties of beautiful plants, flowers, and trees

Thank You, God, for Your gifts!

My cat Espresso and her five cute kittens’ small voiced mews
Robin on green grass
Light dancing on the wood pile
Eyes to see
My warm, cosy robe against crisp morning air
Pretty tray with my breakfast and coffee on it
Bright colours

Thank You, God, for my health today.

Thank You for Your infinite, beyond-my-understanding love!

Perennials in my yard from previous owner

Thank You, God, for my wonderful, understanding, forgiving, gracious husband.

Thank You for this quiet time outside!

Breeze in the trees rustling
Turtle dove’s mourn
Mango, sweet and sour, tasty, bright orange
Fire pit for family times

Thank You, God, for headache-free days, for discoveries of food that makes me feel well.

Robin’s alert—cat!
Grass so green—pristine—reminds of Ireland!
Hostas getting big
Coffee with hazelnut
Sun on a barn shed
Lines and character in an old hunk of wood

Do you see? Do you hear? 

Do you thank?

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