Monday, November 2, 2009


Psalm 119:1-11

Have you ever felt embarrassed or that others view you as imperfect? I have many times! But verse 6 says we don’t have to “be ashamed.” When I feel ashamed, it indicates a focus on myself and a lack of wholeness and freedom within my own spirit. Ultimately this is pride (See blog entry Thoughts on Pride). My focus is on ME. I want to be viewed as good or right. I want to be liked by everyone. I want to feel good. I want to look good. I don’t want to be inconvenienced. I want what I want—now!

David recognizes that the "undefiled" (pure and clean) are blessed—not ashamed, and that these are those who "walk in the Law of the Lord." They "seek Him with the whole heart... do no iniquity... walk in His ways." God has commanded us to "keep His precepts diligently."

David then gives the prerequisites for truly living “unashamed” in the previous verses. David describes the habit or general mode of walking in the Lord's way. The focus is HIM. When my focus is HIM and HIS way, THEN "I will not be ashamed." THEN I will "praise [Him] with uprightness of heart." Why? Because THEN "I shall have learned [His] righteous judgments"!

OK, so I realize how self-focused I am... now how can I correct this? With sheer will power? “I’m not going to focus on myself anymore. I’ve tried before [sigh], but I’ll try again.” Is that what the Psalmist said? How can I truly “cleanse [my] way”? Psalm 119:9 tells me to cleanse my way “by taking heed” to His WORD! The Word is where the power is! I need to hide His Word in my heart (verse 11). If I take this to heart, then I need to “get the Word in” any way possible. When my body has an iron deficiency, I need to learn to pay attention and eat the foods that are rich in iron. Same with the Word of God. When I have a deficiency in my life—I’m continually wallowing in a low self esteem or self pity (when God says I’m complete in Christ, Colossians 2:10), I’m always blowing my stack (when God says to let all bitterness go, Ephesians 4:31), or I’m not giving (when Jesus said to give, Luke 6:38)—would I not be wise to seek out the power in the Word to counteract that specific deficiency?

The Old Testament speaks of putting God’s Word on the door posts (Deut. 11:18-20). One of the most effective ways I have found to hide God’s Word in my heart continuously is to print out Scripture ( or eSword) and post it around the house. Tape it on the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator, on the front door so that I see it as I leave the house... Listen to Scripture on CD. The Word gives me power to "not wander from [His] commandments" (Psalm 119:10). The more I read it and hear it, the more I memorize it and hide it in my heart.
What is the outcome? I am settled in my spirit. I don't need to have the credit or praise for what I am doing, because I have peace inside my heart: my spirit is free to adore the Lord. My focus is HIM, not ME.

What verses are YOU meditating on today? Comment and let me know.

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