Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Precious Promises

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Is there someone for whom you have prayed and prayed, and there still seems to be no change? I have several relatives for whom I regularly pray, and I'll be honest, sometimes I'm discouraged. There seems to be no hope that they will ever desire a new and better way--God's way. Some of them claim to be saved, some I feel sure are saved, some I'm not so sure.

One Rodney Griffin song (sung by Greater Vision) is an encouragement when I feel like giving up. Rodney prayed every single day for more than a decade for his father-in-law Reggie to be saved, and just two months before Reggie finally surrendered to the Lord, God gave Rodney this song to inspire him to keep praying!

It Pays To Pray

Verse 1
Hand in hand at the altar
In tears of celebration
We’d never seen them smile like this before
She’d spent her life ‘a prayin’
On bended knee ‘a stayin’
And this morning he surrendered to the Lord
There’s a message in her story
Only God can get the glory
When a child of His keeps knocking at the door

It Pays To Pray
It Pays to call upon His name
It Pays To Pray
To see a miracle displayed
You’ll forget the word, “impossible”
When you seek the Savior’s face
You’ll know He will make a way
It Pays To Pray

Verse 2
You’re tempted to quit prayin’
You feel He’s never listenin’
The time has come and you must make a choice
Do you stop believin’
Forget what you’ve been seekin’
Or do you resolve that Jesus hears your voice?
He will hush the angel praises
Just to hear what you are sayin’
And at any moment now you will rejoice

Prayer is just as big as God is.
Prayer is just as strong as God is strong
Prayer can reach as far as God can reach.
Don’t ever give up just pray.

Words and Music by Rodney Griffin, ©2007 Songs of Greater Vision, BMI

Watch Rodney share the story and sing the song here:

A week ago I found out that a man for whom my family had prayed for more than 20 years finally gave his heart to the Lord! Yesterday God gave me a promise for the others for whom I'm still praying:
" shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not my people, there it shall be said unto them, Ye are the sons of the living God." ~ Hosea 1:10

This was a promise for the nation of Israel. God said He would restore them to the point that He is able to say they are His sons--at the same place (or situation) where they previously rejected God! This week as I read it, God impressed it upon me as His Promise for some dear ones for whom I'm praying. Now that's an awesome promise!

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  1. I love this song! Rodney is an amazing song writer and I never get tired of hearing his testimony about this song. It brings a tear to my eye each time. I'm still praying for my mom, dad, brothers and sister...actually there isn't a single family member of mine that is saved. Sometimes I get so discouraged but this song and the testimony of others who have prayed for years encourages me to keep praying. God is listening. Thanks Dayna for another reminder.


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