Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Divine Appointments

Last week while getting my hair cut, I met a Turkish lady who has immigrated with her husband to Canada... very friendly... just chit-chatted and then later as my haircut was finished and I was gathering my things and paying, I realised she had moved to the back at the sink to get her colour rinsed. I waved goodbye, and as I was driving away from the store, I thought, I should have invited her to church!

I just gave it to the Lord, thinking maybe He would orchestrate our meeting again at the hair stylist’s.

A few days later in WalMart, I was in the baby section getting some Goodnite pull-ups (I’m rarely in the baby section anymore), and a lady came up to me with a huge smile, brightly saying “HI!” I didn’t recognize her because her hair was normal, not full of colour foils! She told me where we’d met, and I immediately knew that God had appointed this meeting!

After talking a few minutes, I invited her to our church, telling her my husband is a pastor. She seemed interested and said that they might come visit. ☺ It may seem like a small thing, but it is so obviously God’s hand in our meeting in WalMart!

There are other seemingly less significant divine appointments, and I believe we many times don't realise that's what they are.

I think back to one day when I had three specific errands to run. I picked up the mail, went to the garage, backed out the car, and then, out of curiosity, decided to open a personal letter I had received and read it while sitting in the car in the driveway. I read it for a few minutes, and based on the message of it, had a little personal time with the Lord in the car. After I had wiped my tears enough to drive, I backed out. In my mind, I reversed my errand order due to one place being closed over lunch. I was only a couple minutes down the road, having made a decision to turn the opposite direction I had initially intended, when I came up over a rise in the road and saw a semi-truck jack-knifed across the road and a small compact car in the ditch.

Had I not stopped to read the letter and have that time with the Lord and changed the order of my errands, I might have been the victim. I later learned that the car crash was fatal.

Though I plan to go to heaven at my appointed time, I would like to go in a less painful way! I thank God for a divine appointment that kept me from the accident that day!

Have you noticed any divine appointments lately?

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