Monday, February 1, 2010


Amazing plot. Hooks you immediately from the first page. My jaw was open at the end. Unbelievable work!

Riven by Jerry Jenkins is an epic that will challenge your life perspectives. This book encouraged me personally as a full-time Christian worker. It's also a great witnessing tool: a phenomenal, unforgettable communication of THE GREATEST MESSAGE: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

You will not be able to put it down!

From the book cover:
Heinous as any murder can be, the crime is not the story here. Rather, along with many other elements—seemingly unrelated at first blush—the crime serves as mere impetus to what really happened. And that proved unforgettable to any old enough to remember.

The unnamed state in which these events occurred had for nearly two centuries flaunted its renegade spirit, thumbing its nose at Washington. A succession of maverick governors, including one who engineered the state’s four-year secession during the Civil War, had served to fashion the commonwealth into a virtual landlocked island unto itself. Only Louisiana rivaled its no-nonsense prisons, only Texas its record on capital punishment.

The state’s leaders and citizens were as proud of their tough-on-crime reputation as they were of the state’s highway system, constructed and maintained wholly apart
from federal funds and linking to the interstates only at the borders. The governor was as proud of the state’s decades-old reputation for budget surpluses as the legislature was of its historic capitol building.

Our two main characters, however, had never before given a thought to matters of state and could not have imagined how such would so thoroughly determine their fates.

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  1. Riven... I loved it too! I felt like I knew the characters...


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