Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Sacred Trust: Our Cutie Patootie

Peter and I are so grateful for time spent with our little 15-month-old granddaughter, Kyla Nichole. We got to keep her this past weekend, and I took about 150 photos and videos! Here is one of my favourites.

Nap time and bed time are special. I take Kyla with her "bah-bah" (bottle) upstairs to her room. As she drinks her bottle, I rock her and sing "Father, We Thank Thee" and "The Birdies in the Treetops." Then I quote to her Psalm 23, Psalm 1, Psalm 100, and John 3:16-17. Sometimes I sing other songs and quote Psalm 91 as well. It's such a special bonding time for us. I love cuddling her, telling her I love her, and praying for her, that God will protect and guide her little life and that she will accept Christ as her Saviour at an early age.

I just have to share one more favourite photo from this weekend... bathtime!

A precious memory from this weekend was made on Sunday morning, as I was listening outside the door of her bedroom to see if she was awake. What did I hear?

"Nana?... Nana?"

When she saw me, she would excitedly exclaim, "Nana!"

She did the same to my husband. Everything was "Papa! Papa! Papa!" Such a fun, sweet age!

Comment below and share with me things you do to bond with your children or grandchildren, and the ways you teach them about the Lord, as you're "sitting down" or "walking by the way." (Deuteronomy 6:7) This is a sacred trust God has given to us!


  1. I love the pictures. She looks like Chrystal a lot in the bath time one. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing in the joy. :) Yes, she's definitely a Guenther!


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