Saturday, July 6, 2013

Is Holiness a Goal?

Wow. I just saw Psalm 17:15 in a whole new light the other day as I was meditating on it (while weeding my garden... LOL!)

Psalm 17:15, "As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness."

This verse became special to me in my freshman year of Bible college, when my friend April shared it with me... It was her life verse, and I claimed it for my own life verse for that period of time.  Thanks, April!

At that time I viewed it as a "declaration" verse stating that I was seeking to be holy, to become righteous. Now, there is a truth that as I yield to Christ, my behaviour and actions become more righteous as I grow in Him. However, there are many passages that tell me that positionally I already am righteous, because I am "in Christ." Please hear (read) me out and consider this carefully! This concept has really changed my life and my thinking!

As I learn to know Him and yield to Him more readily, more often, and on more of regular basis, rather than yielding to my default/fleshly desires and behaviour, my life will exhibit more and more of His righteousness that is already in me by His Spirit.

So from that change of thought--that I should look at holiness as a position in Christ that I yield to, rather than a goal to attain--this is the personal application the Lord gave me from my "old" life verse:

As for me, I will (desire and choose to) behold (gaze upon, focus upon, look to) His face in (through His) righteousness (in me). He plants the right desire in me as I yield to His Spirit living in me. The only way I will be satisfied (have true, lasting satisfaction, truly and deeply at rest and content) is when my focus is HIM, awaking with His likeness, from the early morning: starting my day beholding Him by claiming His righteousness afresh, first thing in the morning. Choosing to walk that way with Him through the day.

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