Friday, October 26, 2012


I'm reviewing Mary DeMuth's book, Everything, for, currently in chapter four, Let Go of the Giants. So far, I like her candour and agree with her for the most part--at least I concur with her general premise and message.

Here's a good quote I read from the book this morning:
“Simply put, when we think of other people as our center and fulfillment, we live frustrated lives. Constantly disappointed, some of us use this as a reason to control people, only to find that most eventually find a way to rebel against our desires. Some, like me, value others' opinions so much that if they turn on us, we despair, feeling abandoned. But to become more like Jesus we must understand that the only growth we can be in charge of is our own. We can't make people grow. True growth involves the activity of the Holy Spirit and an act of someone else's will. But we can lead Holy Spirit-enticing lives that produce in others a longing to change. It's all about our mind-set, freeing others to blessedly be themselves and determining to trust fully in Jesus for our strength and joy."

I couldn't agree more!

Check back for a review of this book in the near future!

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*Note on Bible Translations: I believe in using the King James Version of the Bible. Mary uses various Bible translations. Be sure to look up the verses she cites in your own KJV Bible.  One simple reason, beyond the usual arguments, is to avoid confusion. You're not as likely to remember the verse if you read it in a different version each time. Memorization through repetition is always easier if you stick to one version of the Bible. If you compare, you will notice that other translations do not always convey the same meaning, which gives me great cause for concern. But then, that's a whole other topic for an entirely new post!! 

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