Friday, January 27, 2012

Priceless Simplicity

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As you can see, I don't blog every day, or even every week. I do try to at least post once a month. Usually more often than that. But I don't want my blog to become a drudgery, I don't want to become a slave to it, and I definitely don't want it to become a tool the enemy uses to keep me from my responsibilities and ministries.

"Let all things be done decently and in order."~ I Corinthians 14:40


I love the sound of that word!

It's right up there with calm and peace!

I have a blue wipe-off board on my refrigerator. At times I write notes to family members, usually noting what leftovers are available in the fridge for them. Please eat the leftover pasta before it becomes a science project... Please and thank you!

Lately though, I've taken to putting up a Scripture or phrase of which I need to be reminded.

If you come into my kitchen, this is what you will see on the board:

The Simplicity that is in Christ

Some may consider that a strange "reminder" phrase. Let me explain. As most pink people in the world, I tend to be a complex, emotional woman! That's not all bad, because God made me pink for a reason! Just as he made my husband  blue for a reason.

(If you're wondering where all the pink vs. blue comes from, read Love & Respect  by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs... one of the best books on marriage! It helps you understand members of the opposite sex in general.)

Well, being pink, as I said, I can be quite emotional. And when I yield to those wobbling emotions over what Christ says, I can complicate life. This is what the enemy wants!

But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. ~ II Corinthians 11:3

I'm a mess when I start telling myself a bunch of stories (about myself, about someone else, or about a situation). And things get complicated in a hurry.

Here's how this has worked at times in the past... Do you ever do this?

  1. Someone doesn't say hi to you at church, so you think they are mad at you.
  2. Then you wonder what you did.
  3. Then you start to mull it over and try to figure out what you did.
  4. When you can't come up with any offence, you become irritated. She always acts that way. I don't know what her problem is!
  5. Next thing you know, you have a story built up in your head about how much this woman hates you.
  6. Later you feel depressed for seemingly no reason.
  7. You start crying at the drop of a hat. You lash out at those you love, or withdraw from them.
  8. Your husband can't do anything right.
  9. YOU can't do anything right or accomplish anything.
  10. Your kids are a pain and inconvenience.
  11. And the hobbies you used to enjoy just aren't fun anymore.

Now, what happened?

You just got taken down in a round by the enemy!

We need to start recognising these things for what they are: attacks of the devil! He does not want us to have victory in Jesus! He wants us to be miserable. He can render us ineffective and steal our children as well in this way.

Life in Christ is simple. Christ is not complex. I do not mean disrespect here. It's true that His "ways are past finding out," and we will never know it all until we get to heaven. What I mean here is that we don't need to run around like chickens with our heads cut off in life! Settle down. Calm down. LET the peace of God rule in your heart!

Let's work back through our scenario and see how we could have let His peace rule.

  1. Someone doesn't say hi to you at church, and you may think they are mad at you.
  2. You may wonder what you did.
  3. You ask the Lord if you did offend this person, if you are imagining things, or if it's their issue.
  4. When the Lord does not reveal any offence, you pray for the person.
  5. You may go to her, privately, and ask in sincerity if she's okay (as appropriate to the person or situation).
  6. She may respond and ask you to pray for her, and realise that she has a true friend who really cares about her.
  7. Later you feel happy, free, and released because you have listened to the Lord's leading, not to your unstable emotions!
  8. You are free to love those you truly love, and draw closer to them, as well as to this fellow church member.
  9. You believe you have the best husband in the world! You are content and grateful for the blessings in your life.
  10. You believe you are right where God wants you, accomplishing all the things that He wants you to accomplish. This is fulfilling.
  11. Your kids are a joy, and you enjoy being with them and teaching them the principles of God, because you are truly seeking to practise these principles yourself.
  12. You enjoy your hobbies to the fullest.
  13. You have a greater sense of your God-given purpose in life.

See what a relief that is? Jesus is the answer. Yielding to HIM is the answer. Setting your affection on things ABOVE is the answer. Let's purpose to change our responses and not go down the wrong emotional track!

Next time we'll talk about an acrostic that has helped me: H.A.L.T.

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