Thursday, June 16, 2011

What To Wear...

Recently, I read about someone's shock at seeing shorts and V*ctoria's S*cret sweatshirt sported at an evening wedding! My husband and I talk about this quite often--except we talk about it in regard to church. The question is so pertinent even to that arena: What do you wear to a wedding?

It seems to me that out of respect for the occasion, people would wear their best. (If that's shorts and a sweatshirt, it may be time to do some shopping!) It's sad to me that many people these days would dress up more for a wedding or funeral than they do for church. Why do they dress up for these occasions? Out of respect. {Key word.}

My question is: Why is everyone galloping full-speed-ahead toward casual, "come as you are" at church, when we are meeting with the King of kings? Would one wear shorts and a sweatshirt to meet the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of Canada, or the Queen of England?

Of course, we all know and quote, "the Lord looketh on the heart" (I Samuel 16:7), and obviously that's true. Those who come to church with the "proper look and attire" but are proud and arrogant inside make me sick (Matthew 23:27)--Jesus didn't like it either!

It's also true that we should continually cultivate a love relationship with Christ. Someone will say, "Well, I just think I should be comfortable with the Lord, because it's about relationship; not religion." True, one should always comfortable around their loved one. Yet, at home and in intimate times, isn't the attire different than when one goes to the office?

Isn't there something to be said about one's attitude showing through what one wears (Matthew 22:11-12)? Can we honestly say that a casual approach to church led to a greater respect for God in recent years?

Please, no eggs or tomatoes... It's just food for thought!

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  1. Jesus seemed to assume that appropriate wedding garments are expected, even in Heaven (Matt. 22:11-12). I am aware that the emphasis is upon the spiritual application, however the assumption of Jesus' illustration implies that such cultural mores were (and are) the norm. We hear lots of speeches about people's ideas on this topic now, but Jesus said that the man in his story (who appears to represent a man attempting entrance at the marriage supper of the Lamb) was speechless.


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