Friday, July 16, 2010

Sister Shoebox Swap

I entered this opportunity through a blog I read and was matched with Molly, a missionary in Peru. We each filled out a questionnaire with some of our favourite things listed and then prepared a box (actually she and I used padded envelopes because of international mailing) of goodies for each other! It was a lot of fun to put her package together!

Here's what I got from Molly... Lemongrass tea, Peruvian coffee made by believers she knows, a black/white Peruvian hat, some chocolate almonds from Peru, and a purple scarf similar to what they wear in Peru.

So much fun... and now I have a new friend!


  1. I saw this post right before I went to bed last night and had a crazy dream about you. :) You had written a very serious and deeply spiritual devotional book, but your picture on the book was this picture of you with the chullo on. :) You even had a book signing wearing this hat...crazy!


I so appreciate your comments and personal emails regarding this blog. It is a blessing to me to hear if something with which God has blessed me also blesses you!

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